Camp Fletcher is more than just a summer camp offering a broad range of outdoor challenges and activities in a 300-acre woodland preserve. It’s an experience that young people, from literally all walks of life, remember. For the rest of their lives, and for all the right reasons. And while the positive atmosphere is entirely unforced, the path to that shared sense of respect and appreciation among campers is anything but accidental.

From their first moment at Camp Fletcher, children aren’t merely welcomed. They are known. By their names. By their likes and dislikes — from big things like “afraid of the water,” to seemingly small things like “hates PB&J sandwiches.”

They’re known because we intentionally keep our groups small (much smaller, truth be told, than “economically optimal”). They’re known because we hire only counselors who share our sense of mission, then train them to be leaders, role models and friends.

In all our programs and group activities, we focus on what campers have in common. And you know what? It works. More importantly, it’s fun. Which is ultimately why young people love Camp Fletcher. Because if there’s one thing they need in today’s always-online world, it’s the freedom to experience the simple pleasures of youth.

We realize that a week isn’t a long time. For many of our campers, it seems like the shortest five days of their lives. But experience has taught us, it’s often more than enough time for a young person to realize his or her self-worth as a human being — and to leave us feeling genuinely changed, for the better.

That’s the Camp Fletcher experience.

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