Camp Fletcher’s Outdoor Education program is an experiential learning opportunity for students to learn about our natural environment first-hand, beyond the confines of classroom walls. One Day field-trip adventures, on weekdays during the school-year, are offered to students of public schools, private schools and home schools.

Our curriculum has been specifically designed around Camp Fletcher’s indigenous trees, plants and wildlife — as well as the property’s creek and other natural resources.

Lesson topics include:
Stream Ecology
Water Cycle, Filtration and Erosion
Clouds and Pollution
The Five Senses
Nature Hikes
Mud Painting
Plant Life
Scats, Tracks and Critters

Program lessons are interactive, because student participation enhances academic outcomes and youth development. Field trips often include hikes, team-building activities and arts & crafts — all designed to foster students’ comfort in, and appreciation of, their natural surroundings and the rewards of working together.

To learn more about our outdoor education programs, contact: Camp Fletcher Office Manager, Cathy Chiaramonte, 205.584.6033,

For Outdoor Education Resources click here.