My Choices Matter is a social and emotional learning program offered to Central Alabama area schools during school hours. The program includes four courses addressing key self-reliance topics at varying age levels: 

  • Level One - *Funded by The Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama (K-1st Grade) focuses on personal safety and responsible citizenship. The course teaches children how to respond to dangerous situations, increasing self-confidence and the ability to cope with unexpected situations. Contributing to the children’s social development by reinforcing a respect for all-too-often-ignored codes of civil conduct, the program teaches them how to handle conflict without hostility and/or violence.
  • Level Two - (K-2nd Grade) helps young children develop strong, positive self-images and mature character traits, by emphasizing the importance of healthy attitudes & lifestyles, and encouraging them to do their best. 
  • Level Three - (2nd-3rd Grade) teaches children to take more responsibility for their own self-care and protection. By teaching skills that encourage home safety and family responsibility, the course prepares children to cope with all kinds of life challenges — independent of parental and/or adult supervision.
  • Level Four - (4th-5th Grade) builds self-reliance in children dealing with peer relationships, positive and negative. The course places particular emphasis on effective assertiveness skills, enabling children to resist negative peer pressure and unhealthy relationships.

*Pre and post measurements prove the efficacy of the “I Can Do It” and “I’m Peer Proof” programs.

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Contact: Program Manager, Faye Quinney, 205.208.3045,