The mission of BridgeWays is to instill a genuine sense of hope, purpose, and self-worth by connecting young people to their peers, their schools, and their families — and ultimately, to their potential as responsible, contributing citizens of their communities.

Core Values

  1. We will respect the innate value and potential of every young person.
  2. We are inclusive and welcoming all, regardless of any aspect of diversity.
  3. We are engaging and collaborative with adults who educate and support the young people we serve.
  4. We will celebrate nature and trumpet the value of time spent outdoors.
  5. We are worthy stewards of our material and human resources, committed to transparency and statistically valid measurements of our success.

Core Values - Applied

BridgeWays believes children and youth are our most precious resource, deserving of community investment and developmental opportunities that build assets.  We believe that the best youth development occurs in safe, nurturing, small groups where children and youth are actively and equally involved in creating their own learning. We foster leadership, independent thinking, and service-learning, engaging children and youth in congenial, collaborative decision-making, contributing to society's greater good.

BridgeWays is responsive, providing programs and expertise relevant to needs and emerging issues affecting young people.  We enrich the lives of adults as we partner with parents, caregivers, educators, and community leaders in the interest of our young.  We expand their knowledge of challenges facing young people and encourage them to share their talents and build supportive relationships. We employ diverse and competent staff, and we recruit volunteers who embrace our core values to manage and govern our organization.

BridgeWays encourages learning in an outdoor environment where academics, emotional and social skills are embedded in energizing activity. We teach young people to respect, value, and care for our environment and all living things.   In addition, we guard the property of Fletcher Preserve and teach and celebrate the history and legacy of its founder, Pauline Fletcher.