BridgeWays created its Character Development (Outside-In) Program in response to the alarming increase in incidents involving bullying, intimidation and violence in our schools. The goal of the program is to give students a better understanding of others’ feelings and emotions, fostering acceptance, respect and a more tolerant school population. 

Our program offers three options: 

  • The Full Day (Outside-In) Program. Peer mentors are selected, in advance, by counselors — and receive a day of training from BridgeWays staff. Mentors then lead up to 60 middle school students (also selected by school counselors) in group activities, games and discussions about cliques, prejudices, stereotypes and bullying. The program’s activities are designed for students to work together in a diverse environment and, ultimately, to share (with other students throughout the school’s general population) what they’ve learned from the experience.
  • The Classroom Program is administered to elementary and middle school students during school hours, in five sessions lasting 30 minutes each. The program is tailored to meet the needs of each particular school served (e.g. cyber bullying vs. verbal bullying). Topics include cliques, stereotypes, prejudices, the different types of bullying, and what to do when bullying occurs. The program includes interactive activities with the students, as well as stories and evaluations.
  • The Virtual Program. Five, prerecorded, interactive lessons for students in 3rd-8th grade.  Topics include cliques, stereotypes, prejudices, types of bullying, and what actions to take in a bullying situation.

*Pre and post measurements prove the efficacy of the full day and classroom programs.

For Character Development Resources, click here.

Contact: Program Manager, Trinity Gilliam, 205.208.3045,