BridgeWays’ Career Prep program offers students early career exploration, providing opportunities to gather valuable insights into their personalities, aptitudes, interests, values and talents — as well as ideas and options for utilizing that knowledge in making fulfilling career choices.

Our Career Prep program is tailored for students from grades 5 – 12. Program activities include an in-depth interest survey, and discussions exploring the connection between personalities & interests and their suitability for certain jobs.

Students receive individually-customized career printouts which detail the results from their interest surveys, and provide current information on potential occupation choices — as well as the education and/or training needed, salary ranges, future job-market prospects, and occupational working conditions.

This information is also particularly helpful to school counselors, who are required to cover these topics — which are listed in the state model for Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance in Alabama Public Schools.

Students discuss their current career options, and are encouraged to keep open minds regarding emerging industries and future possibilities.

*Pre and post measurements prove the efficacy of this program.

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Contact: Program Manager, Sandra Dozier, 205.208.3045,